PVC Conduit

Power, Telephone & Electrical Conduit

Raceway Technology produces a variety of PVC electrical conduits for use in power, telephone, and other electrical duct systems. Schedule 40 and 80 products are rated for 90° C conductors and conform to ANSI/UL 651 and NEMA TC-2.

We offer a complete line of electrical conduit and power duct pipe products which include:

These PVC electrical conduits are designed with safety in mind and can be used in a variety of everyday applications. In addition, we offer complimentary lines of encased and direct burial electrical conduits for use in outdoor applications where ASTM F512, NEMA TC-6 & 8, and/or ANSI/UL 651A specifications are required.

To round out the product line, we offer telephone duct for networking applications. Telephone duct is made in compliance with ASTM F512 and/or other specified specifications for consistency and safety.

Approved manufacturer for WADOT, ODOT, and multiple PUDs.

Raceways' manufactured PVC and fiberglass sweeps meet all UL standards and are certified by ETL.
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